The Last Adders

May 5, 2024 at 8:35 pm

I fear that this last cold, wet Spring will be another nail in the coffin of my local Adders. Last week produced the first warm day which they require before emerging and basking in the sun. Despite a thorough search only one female was found and there were no moulted skins of males which they shed prior to breeding. However, the good news was that I found a young Adder, born last August, so hopefully all is not lost.It is sad though that only seven years ago I added a tick to my wildlife bucket list when I filmed two male Adders  ” Dancing” at this very same site. It is an event that very few wildlife enthusiasts ever see so I enclose some of those photos in the gallery as I am unlikely ever to see it again.That same day I had four courting Adders in a ball – enjoy – but don’t get too close!