Payback Time

August 13, 2023 at 7:29 pm

When you have spent thousands of hours per year for 60 years sat on fishing stools filming wildlife eventually there is bound to be a pay-back time. It happened the other week when I had a hip replacement operation and I am now convalescing. This weeks fox photos were taken from the bedroom window before Pauline spotted me and confiscated the camera – I should have been resting!! So after more than 800 continuous weekly blogs I now propose to suspend them until late September when I hope to be able to walk the hills again – and get my camera back!

The Glorious 23rd May

August 5, 2023 at 7:17 pm

On the face of it the evening of the 23rdMay looked like any of the other twenty before it – sunny, warm, calm and perfect for a hunting male Long Eared Owl. I was set up under my camouflage cloth by 6.30pm and shortly after the male Long Eared Owl flew out of the forest and set off over the moor in search of Voles. All I had to do was await his return and hope that he flew past me on his way back to the nest where the female was waiting with four large young. What happened next made all those hours of waiting worth while!
At 7.30pm the female left the nest and alighted on top of the tallest pine, calling continuously for food.This was the moment I had been hoping for as I knew that if the male Owl came back now with a vole there would be a food-pass, perhaps within camera range. I only had to wait a couple of minutes before I spotted him coming off the moor, low over the ground, with his vole. I focused on him as he came closer but on which fence-post would the food-pass occur? She flew in to him, I guessed correct and in a second I had my ten photos that I had never seen on film before. It never happened again!!