January 14, 2024 at 6:00 pm

Once again, following the second hottest year ever recorded, we are reminded that the summer ice in the arctic may disappear within the next few decades due to global warming.It is only eight years ago that I took these unique shots, in Spitsbergen, of a female Polar Bear leading her three young across the pack-ice. If seeing a Polar Bear on the Arctic pack-ice is top of your bucket list then now is the time to go before it is too late.Whether you see one with three cubs is unlikely as the Captain of our ship informed me that in more than twenty years of sailing the Spitsbergen summer pack-ice he had never seen one with three cubs.I counted myself lucky to be the only passenger on board to film her as all the others were inside the boat enjoying their evening meal!! Can you believe it? www.facebook.com/gordonyateswildlife