Cairngorm Challenge

January 9, 2022 at 11:47 am

In previous years the early part of the year has seen us heading up the slopes of Cairngorm in search of Ptarmigan. When the Funicular Railway was working it was relatively easy to reach the summit and I was once stood on top before 10.00am!! Those days are long gone with the railway out of action together with my injured knee! It is still the best place in Scotland to film Ptarmigan but beware – in winter the summit of Cairngorm is covered in ice and you will need crampons attached to your boots to avoid sliding down the mountain. I once slid twenty foot, together with the camera, and thought I had come away unscathed until I noticed later that the front element of my 300mm lens was chipped, effectively reducing its value by more than a grand! Photos from my last successful trip are in the Gallery.