The Night Shift

March 21, 2021 at 7:47 pm









Over more than fifty years I have met many ¬†wildlife photographers but have not met one who has rose to the ultimate challenge of spending a full night in a hide filming Owls (Tawny,Little, Barn or Long Eared). Entering a hide in the evening at 9pm and not leaving it until 5am the following morning is not to be taken too lightly. It requires no sleep and 8 hours of total concentration to perhaps take only a couple of photos.Thirty years ago I spent nights on all four of the above Owl species and this weeks blog photo was taken at 2am as the male Long Eared Owl arrived at the nest with his catch, only to find that the female was still feeding the young on his previous catch! These nights were the most exciting I have ever had in wildlife photography but, sadly, all my photos were on colour negatives , like this week’s blog photo of the nest. The others were not suitable to use for Gallery photos. So this weeks Gallery is of my favourite digital flight photos of a male Long Eared Owl taken in the last few years.

gallery photos