Best Ever Filming Day

February 7, 2021 at 7:01 pm

After 52years of filming wildlife I am often asked what is the best day I have ever had in the field. Its a difficult choice.
You would have thought that having filmed sixty one pairs of Hen Harriers at the nest it would have been been one of those – but it is not. Or was it the day I spent three hours at a Woodcocks nest followed by three hours at a Merlins nest then two hours with Tawny Owls – but its not even that.
The best day occurred relatively recently in 2014. During the morning I filmed my first ever Nightjar with young in south Derbyshire. I then came home, drove up to Bowland where I spent two hours at dusk filming a pair of Barn Owls that had six young on the ground in a barn. This weeks gallery photos shows the moment when the male Barn Owl passed prey to the female followed by a view of all six young – it doesn’t get any better than that!! click here