What A Year

December 27, 2020 at 7:58 pm

This year started for me with a  health problem and finished with a national health problem!!! Inbetween I was still able to take photos so now is the time to pick some of my favourites of the year.
A hunting Barn Owl, in winter sunlight, was a good start to the year only to be followed by lock-down! However, in May I was able to film Willow Tits which are now the most threatened woodland bird in Britain. A pair of Kingfishers followed and after hundreds of hours waiting I managed to capture on film the same hunting male Long Eared Owl as last year but this time with his ear tufts erected!
Autumn brought along two new birds for me in the form of Hoopoe and Wryneck. I found the colours and markings of the Wryneck amazing and this is my favourite bird photo of the year.The surprise of the year has to be the Otter with the Octopus and has to be a classic example of luck coming your way, if you put the time in!
Lets hope that we are able to return to Islay next summer, to continue work on Hen Harriers, and in the meantime  Good Luck and Good Health to my readers in 2021. Click here