It’s Your Choice

December 20, 2020 at 12:03 pm

A sail through the Arctic pack-ice, at midnight in search of Polar Bears, is on many peoples bucket list. This weeks photo of a female Polar Bear, suckling her young, was only photographed by me, although there were fifty three other people on the boat with me. The reason is quite simple – it was lunch-time!
I had joined a ten day expedition, sailing around Spitsbergen, looking for Polar Bears. We had been in the pack-ice for a week with only distant views of Polar Bears when, in perfect conditions, a female Polar Bear with two cubs came close to the boat. Everyone was taking lots of photos when, all of a sudden the ships tannoy announced that lunch was being served in the galley below! Within minutes I was on my own as everyone else disappeared below.It was then that the female Bear suckled her young in full view of me! What would you have done? click  for gallery photos