Another Wryneck

October 3, 2020 at 10:29 am

Its hard to believe but you wait 70 years to see your first Wryneck and in the space of a month two turn up in Lancashire! The second one was found on the moors to the east of Burnley and as I was impressed with the first one I decided to chance my luck with the second. Luck is the appropriate word for on my first visit I only had distant views of the Wryneck. So I trekked onto the moor a second time and at first had no better fortune. I was on the point of leaving and was actually walking along the path that surrounds the reservoir when, there it was, on the bank less than ten feet away! What followed next was a magical ten minutes filming and admiring the amazing plumage of this very rare bird. At times its cryptic plumage blended in with the ground cover and made it very hard to see.
Enjoy the gallery photos of what will probably be the Pennines best bird this winter. And, yes, if another one turns up I will definitely go to have a look!! click here