Brexit Day

October 5, 2019 at 5:24 pm

This weeks blog photo is from the wilds of Spitsbergen, less than 600 miles from the North pole. It was taken on the day that the rest of Britain voted to leave the European Union. Our cruise ship is in the fiord below and I was posing for a publicity photograph to help sell Oceanwide Expeditions cruises in Spitsbergen. As we all know it was more than three years ago and since then Oceanwide have built a new ship and all their cruises are usually sell-outs. I would like to think that it was from the popularity of my photo but realistically I know that it is due to the dire state of wildlife in the Arctic as a result of global warming.
This weeks gallery photos are of a Polar Bear, with Ivory Gulls scavenging its prey – two of the icons of the Arctic. They were taken the day before the blog photo and I would like to think that this bear is still wandering around Spitsbergen, but is it? Click here