Halcyon Days

July 27, 2019 at 4:25 pm

Each summer for the last 47 years I have had the privilege and pleasure of filming breeding Kingfishers. I have sat covered up in the middle of some of the Pennines most beautiful streams awaiting the arrival of that halcyon bird ,the Kingfisher. It gives me the same excitement now as it did all those years ago but this year I knew i was not going to get disturbed by a pack of Otter hounds as I was in 1973!
The challenge now is to film the young as they fledge and before they are driven away by the male Kingfisher. He does this the same day that they leave the tunnel and as you have no idea when the eggs were laid you have to go every day and waite for that magical moment. This weeks gallery shows the adults but by next week I hope to have filmed the young. click here