Searching For Feathers

April 6, 2019 at 7:04 pm

One of the most delightful events in March is filming Long Tailed Tits as they bring in feathers to line their nests. In many years I start my breeding season off with this activity and this year I have been spoilt for choice having found ten nests that were all ready for lining. They are wonderfully tame subjects and with some pairs you don’t even need to be covered up to obtain your photos although generally I like to be under a camouflage cloth. White feathers are their preferred choice but in this weeks gallery you will see one bird bringing to the nest a feather from a Snipe. Click here
The recent cool weather has ensured that some of our winter visitors are still with us and on the 1st April I encountered my latest ever Jack Snipe. In stark contrast on a lake nearby were more than one hundred Sand Martins desperately trying to find food.