Well Chough-ed

February 24, 2019 at 9:00 pm

RN2A0266Any visit to Islay would not be complete without time spent with their special member of the Crow family – the Chough.
Despite inclement weather and strong winds I was able to spend time with forty seven Chough at Ardnave Point. Supplementary feeding has helped juvenile birds to survive to adulthood but even with this help out of the flock of forty seven birds only nine remained from last years young and ten from the previous years birds. It is clear that without help the Chough would be in a very precarious position.
The very mild weather of late has also had its effect on Islay with Daffodils in flower everywhere and on one day a temperature of 17C was showing in the car! The next two weeks blog will feature many other photos taken during our visit.Click here