Reflections Of Summer

October 7, 2018 at 5:58 pm

Todays blog photo is of a Green Woodpecker sunbathing on a standing stone. Most nights last summer as I was on my way up onto the moors to film the Owls this Green Woodpecker was sunbathing on the top of a standing stone. It is only a record shot, as there was no way of getting any closer, but it shows that we were not the only inhabitants of the Pennines to enjoy that fabulous weather.
On the 7th October I flushed the earliest Jack Snipe that I have ever recorded. Ironically at the same time I still had a Chiff-chaff singing before leaving for Africa. Last winter I found only two Jack Snipe that didn’t fly off first so this weeks gallery is to remind us what we are looking for in the months ahead! click here