Skulking Whitethroats

September 9, 2018 at 4:07 pm

As you walk along the hedgerows of the Pennines there are any number of Warbler type birds that are gobbling up the abundance of Blackberries. Of those that I have checked out all but one have been Whitethroats, the other was a Blackcap. They must literally be eating their way south!
During the breeding season the male Peregrine provides the female with prey for their young. Before he passes it to her he plucks the feathers off it on a rock near the nest called a plucking post( Sparrowhawks do the same). Whilst on Islay in June I came across the most spectacular Peregrine plucking post that I have ever seen. Photos of it are in this weeks gallery. If only it was possible to photograph the male as he plucked the prey against the backdrop of spectacular Hebridean scenery! Click here