Dream Fulfilled

August 3, 2018 at 6:29 pm

In making forty full length cine films I was never in a position to film hunting Long Eared Owls at dusk. I did, on two occasions, film them at the nest feeding their young, through the night, involving twenty foot of scaffolding and using lights to illuminate the nest. It was a magical experience and one that is now impossible to repeat. However,I was still missing the hunting at dusk sequences and never got them as Kodak stopped making cine film.
This year everything coincided perfectly – an abundance of voles, endless sunshine at dusk and five young Owls to feed. To satisfy the appetite of the growing young both Long Eared Owls had to hunt in the evening light and provided me with the photos I had always dreamed of. Enjoy this weeks gallery as it is unlikely that I will ever see a repeat performance. click here