Fancy A Frog

July 21, 2018 at 4:23 pm

This weeks Little owls are one of the three high Pennine Owl species, the other two being Short Eared and Long Eared Owls. The abundance of voles this year has enabled the latter two species to have a bumper year but the Little Owls have not been as successful due to the drought. Worms form a major part of the Little Owls diet and there have been very few available this summer. The result is that this pair of Little Owls only have one young this year compared to three last year. Click here
I have spent nearly fifty years hoping to film adult Long Eared Owls bringing prey to their fledged young. For only four weeks of the year do you have any chance to capture a photo and usually the weather is poor with no light at sunset to freeze the movement. Well, it all comes good to he who waits and the last week has produced results I could only have dreamed of – see the gallery in two weeks time!