Missing Longies

March 17, 2018 at 8:58 pm

No two years are ever the same in the species that winter in Britain. This winter has seen virtually no Waxwings, a few Fieldfares and hardly any migrant Owls. The photo in this weeks blog is the only Long Eared Owl I have come across despite some searching.It is deep in the cover of a Hawthorne so just to wet the appetite I have included in the gallery some of the most photogenic ones I have come across over the last five years. Click here
If it has been a poor winter for Owls it has been my best ever for Jack Snipe. Todays late sighting has been my 108th since the first on the 10th October which is ten times more than I have ever seen in previous winters in fifty years! With the present weather they will not be flying east too quickly!