Buntings and Redpolls

April 30, 2017 at 7:59 pm

Reed Bunting
During the last two months there has been an increasing number of Reed Buntings and Redpolls coming to feed in the garden. A minimum of five male and two female Reed Buntings have been feeding together but the number of individual birds could well be into double figures. Redpolls have peaked at seven and have included a ringed bird. It would have been interesting to know where it was originally ringed but only part of the ring number could be seen. A pair of Siskins and more than a dozen Goldfinches added colour to the garden. The close proximity of the Golf Course has no doubt helped provide a safe haven for all these extra garden birds. Click here
Although still cold the sunshine has brought out more Orange Tip butterflies. I have never seen so much Hawthorne blossom in April!!