Dumfries Weir

December 4, 2016 at 5:55 pm

Every year in November the weir on the river Annan in the centre of Dumfries is the place to go to film Goosanders. With a little rain Lamprey move up the river and they are a big attraction for the Goosanders. When I was there recently the rain one morning encouraged thirty Goosanders to feed. I spent some hours filming but during the whole time I was never able to capture a photo of a Goosander with a Lamprey in its mouth. Other birds fishing the weir were Gulls, Herons and Cormorants and I understand that Otters are regular visitors so it is well worth a return visit.Click here
Back home we are now awaiting the arrival of Waxwings. In the meantime I had a record local count of more than five hundred Redwings on the 3rd Dec. with three hundred and ten Lapwings on the roof of an Industrial Unit on the same date.