Judgement Day

October 30, 2016 at 7:45 pm

On Monday Parliament meets to discuss the Petition to ban Driven Grouse shooting. All wildlife interested people support a total ban and I only hope that as the debate is late in the day on Halloween that MPs give it the support it deserves. Don’t hold your breath!!
During the last week I witnessed another event that I have never experienced before. I was watching a large Hawthorne bush awaiting Redwings to come and feed on the masses of berries. Nearby was a lake and suddenly five Black Headed Gulls flew in and, hovering above the Hawthorne, plucked off individual berries and ate them while still hovering. They did this for a good ten minutes before returning to the lake. My camera, of course, was locked away in the car some distance away! Gulls eating berries is something I never thought I would ever see.
Another pleasing event last week was to encounter four Partridge on the edge of Hopwood woods. They are the first I have seen locally for some years and it is good to welcome them back.Click here