Polar Bear and Ivory Gulls

July 10, 2016 at 5:48 pm

Polar Bear16
Since concentrating on digital still photography over the last five years I have always longed to return to Spitsbergen with its Polar Bears and Ivory Gulls. Holding me back of course is the high cost and popularity of the Polar Bear cruises. Whilst on Islay last month an opportunity arose to join one of the cruises at less than half the normal cost – it was an opportunity I could not resist.
I had always dreamed of filming a large Polar Bear on a kill and surrounded by the holy grail of the Arctic, the Ivory Gull. It happened on the third day of the cruise and I make no excuses when I admit to taking more than five hundred photos in only thirty minutes.
Enjoy some of these in the gallery and can you spot the one with five Ivory Gulls on?
Could it get any better? see next week!! Click here