March 13, 2016 at 8:47 pm

An evocative name for the Icelandic Great Northern Diver. We have just returned from an extended week-end in Iceland to celebrate my 70th Birthday and not one Himbrimi was seen. The reason,of course is that they have all migrated south to the British Isles for winter and one young bird has already spent many weeks at Salford Quays. Now I never regard myself as a twitcher but a local Great Northern Diver, even if it was a first winter bird, was too much to resist. This weeks blog and gallery are of this magnificent bird and I had a rewarding three hours watching Himbrimi. It was interesting to note that any alarm calls from the Gulls on the Quays brought an instant reaction of fear from the Diver as would have happened on its breeding grounds in Iceland. Click here
Next weeks gallery will includes photos from our recent visit to Iceland.