Starving Barn Owls

December 20, 2015 at 7:42 pm

The last six weeks weather patterns with heavy and prolonged rain overnight (and sometimes during the day) could not have been worse for our local Barn Owls. In rain their feathers become waterlogged and they are unable to fly. This, together with the fact that most of their prey remains hidden away, forces them to hunt during the day when catching conditions may be more favourable. On Thursday of last week more than a dozen Barn Owls were out hunting during the day in East Lancashire which is an exceptional number and driven by the continuous wet weather. Lets hope that they eventually found food and are able to survive the rest of winter in whatever weather is thrown at them. Click here
In the garden on the 17th we had our first ever December Siskin. Seventeen House Sparrows fed one day although  one has since been taken by our old male Sparrowhawk. Hopwood woods produced a Coltsfoot in full flower on the 19th. It is certainly a topsy turvey winter so far.