Sandwich Terns

August 9, 2015 at 7:59 pm

Sandwich Tern
One of the bonuses of visiting the Farne Isles for Puffins is that there are good opportunities for filming Sandwich Terns and other sea-birds. Each year on Inner Farne there is a very accessible colony of Sandwich Terns that you can film from the footpath. Arctic Terns are everywhere and will readily attack so a head cover is essential. One word of warning is that by late August the seabirds have finished breeding and flown back out to sea. Click here

The big event this week-end has been the Hen Harrier day in the Goyt valley. I joined hundreds of other people to give my support to the stopping of the slaughter of this magnificent raptor by gamekeepers. It was good to meet many supporters who have watched my films and DVDs. Chris Packham gave an impressive presentation.