Mull Re-Visited

July 19, 2015 at 7:32 pm

Sea Eagle 15
After last years visit to Mull especially to film Sea Eagles we decided to return this year for a less intense filming week. Along with other Hebridean islands this year the cold spring has had an adverse effect on the breeding Eagles with the Golden Eagles having almost failed completely. Fortunately the Sea Eagles have not been as badly affected and todays gallery includes some of the photos I took from two sailings on the “Eagle” boat. At one point we had four juvenile Sea Eagles in the air together high over the boat.

With it being a late Spring Mull’s flowers were at their best and during the week we identified ninety five species. Included in these were Greater and Lesser Butterfly Orchids, masses of Flagrant Orchids and two Small White Orchids. Unfortunately July also means that Mull is covered in high Bracken which makes searching for Otters along the coast very difficult. Having said that we did manage to find nine Otters during the week. I have always maintained that if you put the time in you are entitled to some luck and that is what happened whilst I was watching a female Otter and her young. All of a sudden she swam to the shore and proceeded to pull out of the sea a four foot long Conger Eel! Photos to follow in next weeks blog and gallery. Click here for Eagle photos