Where Eagles Fly

April 9, 2015 at 7:38 pm

Golden Eagle
With the fabulous weather recently lots of wildlife enthusiasts will have gone to Scotland with one thing in mind – to see an Eagle. In 1974 I sat in my hide on a windswept Hebridean ledge and filmed a female Golden Eagle feeding her one offspring. It was a moment that I shall treasure forever and the cine film that I took on that memorable day has subsequently been watched and enjoyed by thousands of people ever the last 40 years. Some of those people are now working full time in wildlife conservation so my ten minutes of film taken all those years ago may have helped to protect the species.

I have only recently been converted to digital wildlife photography and the whole of this weeks gallery was taken nine years ago with my first digital camera, a Canon 350D.It would have been almost impossible to envisage such flight shots with the equipment of old. Click here