Master Builders

March 29, 2015 at 3:44 pm

Long Tailed Tit
There is little doubt that in the bird world Long Tailed Tits are the supreme nest builders. Firstly they start their nest off with moss and spiders webs then they decorate the outside of the dome with lichens before finally lining the inside with as many as 2000 feathers. This whole process can take up to three weeks to complete then they lay one egg per day for the next ten days. After all that only one nest in ten will finally fledge young. The other nests being lost to either Grey Squirrels, Crows or bad weather. So far this March I have found six nests but this is well short of my all time March record of twenty six in 1999. This weeks gallery shows birds gathering feathers and lichen before taking them to the nest.

As if by magic Redpolls have appeared this week in the garden with a record six feeding together on the 27th. At least four different Reed Buntings are commuting to the garden from the Golf Course to feed. Tawny Owls are this year breeding locally and their vocals are heard regularly overnight.

The best sighting locally this week has been a Barn Owl on the 23rd which was still hunting at 9.00am after a frosty night. No doubt it was one of last years young that is now having to fend for itself. Click here