Goose Feast

March 1, 2015 at 5:01 pm

Another week on Islay and the wildest week we have ever seen with hail, snow, rain, gales and even a powerful thunderstorm that disabled telephone contact for part of the island. Dramatic conditions but good news from a camera point of view with many photos taken.

The Raven is one of Britain’s wariest birds to photograph at the nest and almost impossible to photograph away from it. This last week I have had a hide hidden deep in gorse bushes overlooking a field that I have baited with dead hares and even the remains of a Barnacle Goose. I spent many long hours waiting with only Hooded Crows for company and then at the height of a hail storm a Raven warily landed on the prey. Hunger brought it in and provided me with a wonderful series of photos that I shall probably never repeat.I didn’t always have success and one morning when I arrived at first light to enter the hide a Golden Eagle was already feeding on the Hare. It failed to return to feed and the three hours that I waited seemed more like ten!!

Despite the wintery conditions Hares had started to box and provided me with more photos. You can never tire of Islay. Click here