Iced Over

January 25, 2015 at 7:33 pm

Canada Geese
Whether you like them or not you have to feel sorry for the Canada Geese when the canals and lakes freeze over as they have done this week. On our local canal more than one hundred were stood around on the ice with little or no food available. They must be able to survive long periods without food as you very rarely see any dead Geese lying around or perhaps the local foxes have taken the carcasses away?

Another benefit of the recent period of ice and snow is that the local Golf course was closed and turned into a wonderland of footprints and tracks. Two Woodcock and seven Roe Deer were seen one day with a couple of photos of the deer in this weeks gallery. A photo of a Woodcock in winter is my ultimate challenge and is a feat that few photographers achieve.

A visit to the Ribble valley during the week produced a good sunrise over Pendle and twenty Bramblings in a beech wood near Clitheroe. Even more surprising were two foxes playing in a field alongside the busy M66 motorway. I wonder how long they will survive? Click here