Rooftop Lapwings

November 16, 2014 at 8:49 pm

On the 9th the Lapwings on the roof of the local Industrial estate set a new record at three hundred and twenty.They always use the same roof which in our eyes looks no different to the many others nearby but to the Lapwings it is special.

The first Autumn Woodcock appeared in Hopwood woods on the 8th with twenty Redpolls feeding in the birches on the 15th. Three Short Tailed Field Voles were seen on the 11th which should keep the Owls and raptors going for some time. A plucked Wood Pigeon found on the 15th was probably the work of a female Sparrowhawk or a Peregrine.

This summer I was lucky enough to film two different Nightjars each with two young. As the first one was popular on my gallery I have included some photos from the second for this weeks gallery. Nightjars are very special birds and this summers fabulous weather ensured that both fledged their young. Click here