Reflections On Mull

July 27, 2014 at 7:59 pm

Otter mull
Whilst most people who go to Mull go to see Sea Eagles some also go to look for Otters. After the Shetlands Mull is probably the second best place in Britain to see Otters so last week I naturally spent time surveying the coastline. With losing two days to bad weather I was left with only one day when the tide was right for fishing Otters. I set off on foot to cover a headland and almost immediately encountered a fishing dog Otter. I followed him along the shore for one and a half hours and during that time he came ashore three times, once only ten feet from me and too close to focus! The third time he brought a fish ashore and gave me some good photo opportunities . This week’s gallery, besides Sea Eagle and Otters, also includes butterflies and views from Mull Click here.
Back home the good news is that the settled weather has enabled the three pairs of Kingfishers that I monitor to fledge between them at least twenty five young. This is a record number coming after two poor seasons and a brilliant end to the best breeding season I have ever known.