Wader Success

July 11, 2014 at 8:26 pm

Little Ringed Plover

The pattern of this Spring and Summer’s rainfall has ensured that the Pennine moorlands have never dried out. This has benefitted the moorland waders, especially after their eggs have hatched,ensuring that their young are able to find food at that crucial time of their development. On some moors Lapwings have returned to breed after an absence of many years and one pair of Golden Plover were still incubating eggs at the end of June which is the latest I have ever known. Although the reservoirs have remained largely full, with the co – operation of the local water authority some water has been taken out enabling Little Ringed Plovers to breed successfully. Click here.

Whilst I was in the moorland valleys last week I heard a bird that I have not encountered for a long time and seldom filmed it was a male Grey Partridge and whilst it remained a long way off I did manage to take some photos of a bird that is now very much in decline..