May 18, 2014 at 10:37 pm

Whilst looking for Woodpeckers in a Pennine wood I came across a pair of Treecreepers that were feeding their young at less than three minute intervals. As is usual with Treecreepers they were extremely bold and I took many photos whilst I was in their company. I was amazed at the number of prey items that were brought in on each here

This Spring I have managed to find two pairs of Goosanders nesting, as they do, in hollow trees. It makes an unusual, photograph looking at the ten eggs at the base of a hollow tree. On a re-visit the female was incubating the last eggs with two young around her. Somehow all the young have to climb six feet out of the tree and follow her to the nearest water. Unfortunately that never happens when I am waiting with the camera!

In the Pennine forests most pairs of Long Eared Owls now have young out of the nest. At dusk these young make a hunger call that sounds like a creaking gate. It is an evocative sound on a still Pennine evening.

The recent warm spell has resulted in the emergence of Orange Tip butterflies with several sightings in our garden.