Otterly Fantastic

May 11, 2014 at 7:32 pm

The last three days on Islay were spent searching for Otters and for the first time ever we had 100% success rate with sightings on all three days. A female and her large young were located on the first day and surprisingly relocated two days later. On both occasions they provided me with hours of good filming. To view the photos click here. The female is the one with pink on her nose which is a common occurrence in Otters.

Back home wet weather has prevailed and I fear that one of my regular pairs of Kingfishers have had their young drown in the tunnel. The early breeding season continues unabated with Long Tailed Tits already fledging their young during the first few days of May. On Hopwood Linnets now have eggs which is a very early laying date for this normally late breeding bird.

If last years flowers were exceptional then this years Bluebells are even better with a profusion of Hawthorne blossom to follow.