Spring Waxwing

April 6, 2014 at 6:28 pm

In late March I visited Weir Street in Blackburn to have a final look at the four Waxwings that had spent all Winter feeding there. They were still present and feeding in the Rowan next to the one I last saw them on several months ago! The tree they were roosting in was now covered in blossom and made an unusual but delightful picture complete with the Waxwing.
During the week I notched up a new bird in the form of a Two Barred Crossbill at Dovestones. All Winter I had been filming Brambling at Dovestones in relative peace and quiet. Now the area has been inundated with twitchers and my days there have come to an end.
On Hopwood four Long Tailed Tits now have nests and both Sand Martins and Willow Warblers have returned and a female Mallard was incubating thirteen eggs which is as many as I have ever seen in a Mallards nest before. A Woodcock was flushed on the second which is interesting as this bird was only thirty feet from where I found one incubating eggs in 1998. This nest was the only one ever found in Greater Manchester last century so who knows?
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