The Flying Barn Door

March 1, 2014 at 7:50 pm

Sea Eagle

Last Friday as we were driving to the ferry to leave Islay a juvenile Sea Eagle was eating a Barnacle Goose on the salt marsh at Bridgend. It was only 8 o’clock and the conditions were appalling with driving rain in a strong wind but I took some record shots of what is the third largest Eagle in the world and sometimes called the flying barn door because of its enormous wing span. It was competing ¬†with a Raven and a greater Black Backed Gull. Click here.

Back home in the garden we had our largest number of different species feeding this Winter on the 26th February with 22 different birds. These included our first Siskin of the Winter and an increase number of Reed Buntings.

On the 28th February I visited Morecombe Bay hoping to film the large wader flocks that used to gather there some twenty years ago when I last visited. Sadly none were present except for small gatherings which I have included in this week’s gallery. Perhaps the massive sea defence boulders have moved them elsewhere in the bay?

During the week I have searched for frog spawn in all my regular sites but I have found none which is surprising in view of the extremely mild Winter. I have often felt that many of our wild creatures can predict severe weather to come so could it be that we have not yet finished with Winter?