Redwings And Jays Everywhere

October 20, 2013 at 1:51 pm


The first Redwings of Winter appeared on Hopwood on the 12th with three separate parties totalling twenty eight birds. This paled into insignificance  in comparison to how many passed over Winter Hill during an eight hour watch on the same day by three birdwatchers when more than nine thousand three hundred were recorded. Clearly the South East wind had brought them in from Scandinavia and virtually all were heading in a North West direction.

The acorn crop this Autumn has provided rich pickings for Jays and their raucous calls resound through the colourful woodlands. Another Autumn visitor is the Woodcock and whilst I have not seen one locally  this Autumn on the 18th one flew in front of my car on a country road near Lancaster at dusk, as I was on my way to give a filmshow. They feed nocturnally in the fields and this was almost its last flight! Click here for this week’s gallery