Little Owl Des Res

July 14, 2013 at 8:20 pm

3 Little Owls

I have to admire any builder who makes provision for breeding birds when he developes an old moorland property. A pipe was placed in the gable wall leading into a nest box placed in the roof. Immediately a pair of Little Owls decided that was the ultimate Des Res and moved in. I spent five hours over two evenings but only obtained the odd shot of the male and female. I was waiting for the night when the three young would appear at the entrance prior to fledging. It finally happened and in perfect conditions I had a magical two hours in my hide with not only the three young appearing but also the male resting on the wall only ten feet in front of me and it stayed there for twenty minutes!  Click here of view some of the photos taken on that magical night.

Every day this week I have been out in the hills before 7am as there are still breeding birds to be filmed. Six hours of searching has failed to locate any breeding Nightjars and with temperatures with up to 28°C it has been exhausting work. With the exception of the raptors all the birds seem to have had a good breeding season.