A Late Islay Spring

June 2, 2013 at 6:06 pm


How great it is to be back on Islay which is still catching up on a late Spring. The bluebell woods are better than ever with outstanding carpets of bluebells and primroses. Normally we would be too late for this display but this time the timing of our visit is perfect.

As you travel around Islay there are amazing numbers of small birds all searching for food for their young. Stonechats,Whinchats, Whitethroats,Skylarks and Pipits are everywhere and the air is full of birdsong.These small birds are the reason for the Hen Harriers and today’s photo shows a hunting male, one of the star attractions to Islay in Summer.

Two visits to the shore in search of Otters met with 50% success. A dog Otter was watched and filmed but unfortunately he never came nearer than fifty feet away. Even at that distance you could clearly hear the crunching of the crabs as he devoured his catch.

Dandelions are one of our most commonest flowers and one of the first to go to seed in Spring. On Islay these seeds have been devoured by Siskins, Linnets and Redpolls and I have had several good sessions filming these birds from the car.I even managed to take a photo of the male Linnet feeding the female as part of his courtship.

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