Ten Days To Go

May 24, 2013 at 6:17 pm


I have just spent most days this week filming my regular pair of Kingfishers who have now about ten days before this years first brood of young fledge. Last Year, of course, they tried three times to rear young and on each occasion the young drowned in the nest chamber due to flooding. So let’s hope that we do not have any heavy rain in the next ten days so that their young will fledge successfully.

While I was hidden along the river bank filming the Kingfishers a Mallard passed by with her eight young and both her and a view of the river are shown in this week’s photo gallery. Click here Also on show is a view of our small back garden where we have had our best Winter feeding in over forty four years. Today the Blue Tits fledged their young but we suspect they only had a small brood due to the late Spring and consequent lack of caterpillars available.