Snowy Owls

February 3, 2013 at 11:49 am

It is always a special and rare moment to come across a roosting Long Eared Owl. To come across two is even more special and to find them after a heavy snow fall is almost unknown. I have never seen a photo of roosting Long Eared Owls in the snow so this week’s photo may be unique. In wildlife photography your results are directly proportionate to the time you put in the field. If you don’t go out searching you can’t expect to photograph Long Eared Owls in the snow.

With the return of the wet weather most of the action this week has been in our garden. On the 31st two Siskins fed for the first time this Winter making them the thirty first species to feed in the garden this month. Three Robins were present one day with the male Blackcap chasing another male Blackcap on another day. The Goldfinches peaked at fifteen but one was unfortunately captured by one of our three male Sparrowhawks.

On the only good day of the week, 2nd February, I had a morning out on the Fylde. It was good to see plenty of Tree Sparrows and Pink Footed Geese but better still was a Short Eared Owl and eight Barn Owls. A good reason to return!