A Bird For All Seasons

November 11, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Seven years of filming and four months of editing have been completed and the new DVD is now available.

The lives of eighty species of birds are shown through one of the harshest Winters ever recorded followed by one of the wettest Summers. Some birds, like Hawfinch and Nightjar, I have never filmed before while others are performing tasks that have rarely been captured on film. Included in this category are a Buzzard feeding an Adder to its young, a Green Woodpecker digging a hole in a living Oak tree, a Woodcock with four newly hatched young and best of all a female Barn Owl, nesting on the ground, with the young resting on her back.

With a running time of sixty three minutes it is the longest of our five DVDs and the last one planned. How appropriate that my favourite bird, the Waxwing, graces the front cover at a time when we are awaiting a huge influx from Scandinavia.

Copies of the DVD may either be obtained by either phoning me on 01706 631770 or emailing me at
wildlife@gordon-yates.com The price is £15 plus £1 P&P. The DVD will be available through my website in a couple of weeks