Round In Circles

February 26, 2012 at 7:09 pm

Another week on Islay and only four hours of sunshine. The Glaucous Gull was taken through the video camera where I do not require sunlight – perhaps as well!

One of the attractions of Islay, apart from the qeese, are the Chough and it is of course the Scottish stronghold for this species. During the week I have spent some time trying out a new lens and in the short period of sunlight have obtained some good shots, one being this Chough trying to fly into a 40mph headwind.

On our last day I found an Otter swimming towards me at a distant of four hundred meters. There was a perfect rock in front of me for him to bring prey onto so I hid and waited for him to appear. Unfortunately there was a recess in the cliff before this rock and he duly disappeared from sight. Nothing happened for a while until a movement above my head caught my attention. There he was, large as life, looking down at me. He disappeared again, I moved higher up the cliff then looking down to my original position I found him on the exact rock I had intended to film him on! You can’t win them all!