Conkering Squirrel

October 9, 2010 at 7:48 pm


This Grey Squirrel has been taking conkers away from our garden. Pauline originally placed them in the rockery for ornamental purposes and couldn’t believe it when one hour later all twenty conkers had disappeared. More were placed out and this time we watched in anticipation for the arrival of the thief. Instead of the boy next door it turned out to be a Grey Squirrel! No matter what the size of the conker it was examined, then taken away, presumably for burial in the woods.

On Hopwood a good view of a Green Woodpecker was had and there were movements of Siskin, Redpoll and Grey Wagtails during the week. The wind direction recently has meant that no Redwings or Fieldfares have been seen so far this Autumn.

During the week in the garden the Collared Doves have peaked at a new record figure of twenty two. Four Long Tailed Tits fed on one day, the first visit for many months.