Jack Snipe Star of The Big Freeze

January 16, 2010 at 8:12 am

Jack Snipe

This week’s photo is one of the five Jack Snipe in a local ditch that have gathered all this week. Renown for being difficult to locate two to five birds have fed all week in the ditch and now with the snow rapidly clearing, the Jack Snipe have gone with it!

On Hopwood Buzzards are struggling to find rabbits and Woodcock are now down to one bird.

In the garden we have now had continuous snow cover for thirty days. On the thirteenth January twenty two species fed during the day with a record nineteen Blue Tits, three male and one female Bullfinches and both Moorhen and Fieldfare being present nearly all day. However, both female and male Sparrowhawks are also making daily visits but thankfully we have only seen one catch.