Fieldfares At Last

November 2, 2009 at 1:11 am

Tandle Hill

There can be no finer Beech woods in East Lancashire than Tandle Hill Country Park at Royton. This year there has been a good crop of fruit and as a result the wood now has fifty plus Wood Pigeons feeding amongst the leaves. On the thirtieth October a visit produced several Bramblings, a Woodcock and my first Fieldfares of the Winter – the latest date I have ever recorded for their arrivals.

On Hopwood a Green Woodpecker was seen on the twenty ninth and three Cormorants have been roosting on pylons by the canal.

In the garden the Collared Doves have now increased to a maximum of twelve. The male Sparrowhawk has been three times during the week but not caught anything – as far as we know!