100 Hours Of Sunshine

June 12, 2009 at 9:31 am

Hen Harrier

One hundred hours of sunshine. Yes, that is how much sunshine we have had in the last week, although there has recently been a coolish North East wind.

If last week was Short Eared Owl week then this week has been Hen Harrier week. It is twenty years since I last filmed Hen Harriers at the nest but I had not forgotten how exciting the female is when she is with her young and looking straight at the camera. A full week has been spent on them and some very good film obtained with five feeds of the young in three hours one day.

In addition to Harriers I have also filmed Terns and a pair of Buzzards.

Painted Lady butterflies are everywhere but very few Marsh Fritillaries.

No Otters have been seen on this visit to Islay but with five hours of video taken on Short Eared Owl and Harriers I am not particularly worried.