Roe Deer At Dawn

March 1, 2009 at 11:27 pm

Roe Deer

An incredibly mild and dull week for our last week on Islay with a maximum temperature of eleven degrees on one day and a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on another

We saw a further two Otters but both vanished and gave no chance of filming. The four Roe Deer in the picture were present every day along the shore and gave several good photo opportunities.

I kept providing seed for the Snow Buntings and they eventually found it and sat eating it all day! Unfortunately they were very wary but I got some decent video of them from twenty foot until the wind blew and made it impossible from then on.

A flock of more than two hundred Twite was the largest I have seen for many years and reminded me of how it used to be in the Pennines before they declined.

The 2009 breeding season is underway with the locating of three Raven nests , fully built and ready for laying in.

So it was back home and still Waxwings in different localities – can I resist the temptation?