Foxes Everywhere

August 10, 2008 at 7:22 pm


The local wildlife event of the week has been the continued presence of Fox cubs both in the woods and on the local golf course. By now this years cubs are quite big and one in particular is in superb condition and very bold. Most of the golfers have got used to it and some offer tit bits on their way round. One golfer approached a tee, teed up his ball and was watched by the fox. When he walked back to his bag for a club the fox cub ran over, pinched his yellow ball and ran off with it. I would have liked to have got this on film but I was laughing that much it was not possible!

Bullfinches can be heard in the bracken and I have in the past found two Bullfinches nests built in the canopy of new bracken growth. It’s a challenge to find them but I am sure that there are second broods waiting to fledge – whether they survive the torrential downpours of the past few days we will never know.

For the second year running Swallows have fledged more than fifty young from the buggy shed at the local Golf Club.